About us


At ViewPay we believe that advertising doesn’t have to rhyme with parasitizing. That user experience must be matched with brand performance.

We believe that a consumer caring approach paired with qualitative brand experiences will always lead to a better an richer digital experience.

We believe that there is an alternative way to the conventional freemium and premium but paid content approaches.
We simply believe in Advertpayment.


Delivering the next level of digital experience out of
advertising time, for all, at anytime and everywhere.


We Are The Advertpayment Company.

We are pioneers in Advertpayment solutions.

The Advertpayment aims to reunite video advertising and payment in a breaking-through and useful approach.
The Advertpayment defines digital tools that allow users to make digital “payment” out of their advertising attention. Solutions that aim to establish advertising
as an improvement rather than an interruption. As a finality, users can have a free access to premium contents, services, etc.